H. Tom Soh, Ph.D.

Real-time Biosensors for continuous measurements of specific biomolecules in live animals

A biosensor capable of continuously measuring specific molecules in the bloodstream in vivo would give clinicians a valuable window into patients’ health and their response to therapeutics. Unfortunately, continuous, real-time measurement is currently only possible for a handful of targets (i.e. glucose, and oxygen) and existing platforms for continuous measurement are not generalizable for the monitoring of other analytes.  In this presentation, we will present a universal real-time biosensor technology capable of continuously tracking a wide range of circulating molecules in living animals.  Our real-time biosensor requires no exogenous reagents, operates at room temperature, and can be reconfigured to measure different target molecules by exchanging probes in a modular manner.  To demonstrate the system’s versatility, we will present real-time measurement of doxorubicin (a chemotherapeutic) and kanamycin (an antibiotic) in live rats with sub-minute temporal resolution.   Finally, we will present the first real-time, closed loop feedback control of drug concentration in live animals using the real-time biosensor and discuss potential applications of our technology.