Poster Session I: Kona 5

Monday, 12th December 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday, 13th December 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM
Wednesday, 14th December 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM


Sliding Manifolds for Instrument-Free Control of Portable Diagnostic Devices. Begolo*,Stefano; Darden,David; Ehrlich,Paul Said; Podczerviensky,Justin; Levine,Leanna M.;
3D In Vitro System for Bone Cell Studies. Caviglia*,Claudia; Hemanth,Suhith; Hassan,Yasmin Mohamed; Keller,Stephan Sylvest;
Highly Sensitive DNA Detection using Quantum Dot based Molecular Beacons and Magnetic Concentration. Cheng*,Li-Jing; Liu,Ye; Kannegulla,Akash;
Sequence-Specific Electrical Purification of Nucleic Acids with Nanoporous Gold Electrodes. Duggumati*,Pallavi; Matharu,Zimple; Appelt,Sandra; Marco,Maria; Seker,Erkin;
Microfluidic Mixing Driven by Biomimetic Cilia. Fisher*,Jay K.; Turner,Adam; Nakano,Asuka; Dengler,Adam; Spero,Richard Chasen;
Intercalating Dye Sequestration for Order of Magnitude Improvement in Signal Applied to Digital Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests. Kong*,Janay; Kahkeshani,Soroush; Hambalek,Jacob; Margolis,Michael; Di Carlo,Dino;
Accurate Three-Part WBC Classification in an Imaging Flow Cytometer based on Lens-Free Holograms. Li*,Yuqian; Vanmeerbeeck,Geert; Vercruysse,Dries; Dusa,Alexandra; Blaszkiewicz,Kamil; Sohn,Erik; Stahl,Richard; Lagae,Liesbet;
Ultra Fast Protein Enrichment using Ion Concentration Polarization. Lu*,Bochao; Maharbiz,Michel;
Orientation-Based Control of Microfluidics. Norouzi*,Nazila; Bhakta,Heran C.; Grover,William H.;
3D Droplet Generation to Expand the Dynamic Range of Digital Nucleic Acid Amplification. Riche*,Carson T.; Kong,Janay E.; Di Carlo,Dino;
Guided Migration Analysis of Osteosarcoma Mg-63 Cells on Graded Roughened Substrates Created by Two Photon Polymerization. Shivani*,Subhashree; Liu,Andrew; Lee,Cheng-Je; Tang,Qi-Wen; Wang,An-Bang; Chung,Tien-Tung; Hsu,Yu-Hsiang;

BioFabrication and Rapid Manufacturing

High Throughput Manufacturing of Sub-10 nm Nanopore Sensors by Nanoimprint Lithography. Choi*,Junseo; Park,Sunggook;
3D Printed Systems for Neuromuscular Biological Machines. Cvetkovic*,Caroline; Pagandiaz,Gelson; Raman,Ritu; Bashir,Rashid;
In Vitro Culture of Embossed Pattern on Polycaprolactone (PCL) Electrospun Sheet for 3D Engineered Tissue Structure. Hong*,Soyoung; Kang,Eun Young; Hwang,Changmo;
Viability of Myoblasts Manipulated by Resonance Vibration of a Disk Shaped Transducer with a Single Nodal Circle. Imashiro*,Chikahiro; Kurashina,Yuta; Nakao,Misa; Takemura,Kenjiro;
Reversible Creation of Bio-Interactive Nanostructures between Materials. Jang*,Hyun Ik; Yun,Hae Su; Han,Chang Hee; Park,Jae Hong;
Flow-Invariant 3D-Printed Droplet Generator for Stable Production of Monodisperse Polymer Microparticles. Koh*,Jaekyung; Ritche,Carson; Di Carlo,Dino;
3D Co-Culture System using Origami Folding Technique. Kuribayashi-Shigetom*,Kaori; Qian,He;
Hyaluronic Acid Microfiber based on Microfluidic Chip. Lee*,Yun Kyung; Lee,Kwang-Ho;
Angiogenisis-on-Chip Platform with Customizable Geometry and Reduced Sprout-Wall Interactions. Loessberg-Zahl*,Joshua; van der Meer,Andries; Eijkel,Jan; van den Berg,Albert;
Rapid Manufacturing of Shape-Tunable Multispectral MRI Contrast Agents via Roll-to-Roll Processing. Mair*,Lamar O.; Schaeffer,Stephen; Nacev,Aleksandar; Stepanov,Pavel; Hilaman,Ryan; Paredes,Genaro; Bulte,Jeff W.M.; Weinberg,Irving N.;
Assessing and Reducing the Toxicity of 3D-Printed Parts. Oskui*,Shirin Mesbah; Diamante,Graciel; Liao,Chunyang; Shi,Wei; Gan,Jay; Schlenk,Daniel; Grover,William H.;
Towards a New Generation of Organs on a Chip: The Scaffold Reactor Approach. Pimentel*,Rodrigo C.; Emnéus,Jenny; Boisen,Anja; Dufva,Martin;
Damage, Healing, and Environmental Adaptation in Optogenetic Skeletal Muscle Bioactuators. Raman*,Ritu; Grant,Lauren; Gapinske,Michael; Palasz,Alexandra; Perez-Pinera,Pablo; Bashir,Rashid;
A Method to Generate 3D Cell Tissue using Acoustic Streaming. Terao*,Yusuke; Imashiro,Chikahiro; Kurashina,Yuta; Takemura,Kenjiro;
Tissue Engineering Arterioles: The Role of Intraluminal Fluid-Derived Forces. Traore*,Mahama A.; Li,Richard H.; George,Steven C.;
3D Printing of Alginate Microstructures with Tunable Degradation Kinetics. Valentin*,Thomas M.; Chen,Po-Yen; Leggett,Susan E.; Sodhi,Jaskiranjeet; McClintock,Hayley D.; Maddali,Shivaali; Wong,Ian Y.;
Rapid Prototyping of Microfluidic Digital Logic. Werner*,Erik; Chu,Michael; Hui,Elliot;

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Real-Time Measurement of Small Molecules in Awake, Ambulatory Subjects. Arroyo-Currás*,Netzahualcóyotl; Somerson,Jacob; Vieira,Philip A.; Kippin,Tod E.; Plaxco,Kevin W.;
Influence of Glucose Concentration on Blood Optical Properties in THz Frequency Range. Gusev *,Sviatoslav; Guseva,Victoria; Sedykh,Egor; Khodzitsky,Mikhail;
Analyzing the Electrical Property for Measuring the Glucose Level using NanoPellets. Jayanthi*,K.B.; Nirmala,M.; Rajasekaran,C.;
Hollow Biocompatible Microneedles for Continuous ISF-Based Monitoring. Kim*,Hyunjin; Theogarajan,Luke; Pennathur,Sumita;
The MgO Sensing Membrane with CF4 Plasma Treatment in Biosensor Applications. Lin*,Chun Fu; Kao,Chyuan Haur; Chang,Chia Lun; Su,Yen Lin; Liu,Chia Shao; Mahanty,Rama Krushna;
A Novel, CMOS Integrated, Wireless Continuous Glucose Monitoring Platform. Mujeeb-U-Rahman*,Muhammad; Scherer,Axel;
In-Vitro Platform for Continuous Monitoring of Cytosolic Ca2+ Upon Glucose Stimulation in a Genetically Engineered INS-1E Pancreatic β-Cell Line. Vinchhi*,Bakul; Boss,Christophe; Bouche,Nicolas; Dehollain,Catherine;
Drug DiscoveryA Polymer-Based Piezoelectric Transducer for the Application of Cardiac Drug Screening. Huang*,Yun-Han; Hsu,Yu-Hsiang; Chiu,Yi-Fan;
PuLMo: An Integrated and Configurable Human Lung Micro-Physiological System. Nath*,Pulak; Huang,Jen-Huang; Arefin,Ayesha; Harris,Jennifer F.; Balatsky,Kirill; Shou,Yulin; Platts,David; Sandin,Henrik; Iyer,Srinivas; Iyer,Rashi;
Elastomeric Sensor Surfaces for High-Throughput Force Biology and Screening. Pushkarsky*,I.; Andrews,A.; Koziol-White,C.; Panettieri Jr.,R.; Damioseaux,R.; Di Carlo,D.;
Phenotypic Personalized Medicine: A Powerful Technology Platform to Optimize Unmodified and Nano-Modified Combination Therapy. Zarrinpar*,A.; Lee,D-K.; Silva,A.; Datta,N.; Kee,T.; Eriksen,C.; Weigle,K.; Agopian,V.; Kaldas,F.; Farmer,D.; Busuttil,R.; Ho,C-M.; Ho,D.;

Implantable and Wearable Sensors

MEMS Flow Sensor for Intravenous Therapy Applications. Asdnia*,Mohsen; Prakash Kottapalli,Ajay Giri; Warkiani,Majid Ebrahimi;
Strechable and Reusable Surface Electromyography Sensor that Reads Signals from Multiple Muscles. Kim*,Namyun; Lee,Jongho;
Challenges and Limitations on Reflectance Wearable Pulse Oximeter. Lee*,Hooseok; Ko,Hoon; Lee,Jinseok;
The Annealing Effect of InGaO Membrane in O2 and N2 Ambient for Electrolyte-Insulator-Semiconductor. Lin*,Chun Fu; Kao,Chyuan Haur; Su,Yen Lin; Liu,Chia Shao; Mahanty,Rama Krushna;
A Disposable Contact Lens as a Wearable Pressure Sensor for Glaucoma Management. Martini*,Matthew; Diep,Priscilla; Smith,Connor; Araci,Ismail Emre;
Flexible Wrinkled CNT Pressure Sensor for Detecting Human Physiological Signals. Park*,Sun-Jun; Kim,Joshua; Chu,Michael; Khine,Michelle;
Cardiovascular Monitoring based on Arterial Distension. Ruh*,Dominic; Seifert,Andreas;
Subdermally Implantable Flexible Solar Cells to Generate Electrical Energy in the Body. Song*,Kwangsun ; Lee,Jongho;
Development of CNT/Graphene/PDMS Stretchable and Conductive Electrode for Wearable ECG Monitoring. Wang*,Jingjing; Ni,Xinliang; Jiang,Boyi; Huang,Bin; Wang,Jun; Li,Weinan; Zhou,Hui; Li,Hui; Sun,Fangmin; Zhang,Jinyong; Zhang,Guoping; Li,Jinhui; Wu,Tianzhun; Chen,Yan; Wang,Lei;
Conformal Sensors based on Metal Nanowire Composites for Motion and Electrophysiological Sensing. Yao*,Shanshan; Cui,Zheng; Huang,Qijin; Zhu,Yong;

Poster Session II: Kona 5

Thursday, 15th December 9:45 AM – 10:30 AM & 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Friday, 16th December 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM & 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Diagnosing and Treating Blood Stream Infections

Microfluidic Magnetic Ratcheting for Rapid Enrichment of Bacteria. Adeyiga*,Oladunni; Murray,Coleman; Di Carlo,Dino;

Augmenting Physiology

A Microfluidic Guillotine for Single Cell Wound Healing and Regeneration Studies. Blauch*,Lucas; Khor,Jian Wei; Sood,Pranidhi; Marshall,Wallace; Tang,Sindy K.Y.;
Controlling Hydrogen Sulfide via PDMS Microfluidics for Endothelial Cell Culture. Christoforidis*,Theodore; Diver,Tom; Rehman,Jalees; Eddington,David T.;
A Negative Pressure Adjustable Microfluidic Oxygen Gradient Generator Regulator based on a Converging-Diverging Nozzle. Christoforidis*,Theodore; Shoup,Alden; Eddington,David;
High-Throughput Label-Free Analysis of Whole Blood for Rapid and Efficient Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells. Contreras-Naranjo*,Jose C.; Choi,Byung-Hee; Jayaraman,Arul; Ugaz,Victor M.;
Micropatterning and Agrin Treatment Enhanced Muscle Formation on Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA) Fibers. Ebrahimi*,Majid; Ostrovidov,Serge; Salehi,Sahar; Khademhosseini,Ali;
Controlling Oxygen Gradients within Microfluidic Devices to Study Vessel Growth Response. Lam*,Sandra F.; Chu,Yunli E.; Soetikno,Alan G.; George,Steven C.;
Myotube Maturation Enhancement on Composite Gelatin-Pani Nanofiber Scaffolds. Ostrovidov*,Serge; Ebrahimi,Majid; Salehi,Sahar; Khademhosseini,Ali;
Generation of Temperature Gradients to Study Paracrine Interactions between Warm and Cold Adipocytes . Rexius-Hall*,Megan L.; Rehman,Jalees; Eddington,David;
Cell-Loaded Injectable Nanoribbons for Minimal Invasive Cell Therapy. Salehi*,Sahar; Ostrovidov,Serge; Ebrahimi,Majid; Sadeghia,Ramin Banan; Fujie,Toshinori; Khademhosseini,Ali;
A Microfluidic Wound Healing Assay to Study Endoethlial Cells Under Combinations of Oxygen Gradients, Tensions, and Drugs. Shih*,Hsiu-Chen; Tung,Yi-Chung;

Cancer Micro & Nanotechnology

Enabling Gentle and Rapid Spiral Microfluidic-Based Cell Isolation via Flow Rate, Antibody, and Buffer Optimization . Ansari*,Ali; Imoukhuede,P.I.;
The Development of an Intelligent Surgical Probe for Real-Time Monitoring of Electroporation-Based Treatments. Bonakdar*,Mohammad; O’Brien,Timothy J.; Latouche,Eduardo L.; Davalos,Rafael V.;
Effect of Endothelial Cells on Invasion of Glioma Nitiating Cells in a Microfluidic Platform. Chonan*,Yuta; Taki,Sotaro; Sudo,Ryo;
A Nanodiamond Platform for Targeted Treatment of SALL4-Driven Hepatic Cancers. Chow*,Edward Kai-Hua; Xin,Wang; Hou,Weixin;
Droplet based Functional Assay for Detecting Protease Secretion from Circulating Tumor Cells. Dhar*,Manjima; Lam,Jeffrey Nam; Di Carlo,Dino;
Designer Micelles for Molecular Diagnostics. Chung*,Eun Ji;
Developing a Nanotheranostic Platform for Simultaneous Multimodal Molecular Imaging and Targeted Therapy of Micrometastases. Gholami*,Yaser H.; Maschmeyer,Richard; Singla,Nidhi; Josephson,Lee; Bailey,Dale; Jones,Stephen K.; Bickley,Stephanie A.; Pham,Nguyen T.H.; Kuncic,Zdenka; Hawkett,Brian S.; Pham,Binh T.T.
Optical Properties of Human Gastric Cancer and Methods for Distinguishing Malignant Tumors. Goryachuk*,Anna; Khodzitskiy,Mikhail; Borovkova,Mariia; Khamid,Abdo;
Immobilization of Tumor Spheroid on a Through-Hole Membrane to Mimic Tumor Microenvironment . Kaneda*,Shohei; Kawada,Jiro; Fujii,Teruo;
An Engineered Human FC-Mannose-Binding-Lectin Captures Circulating Tumor Cells. Kang*,Joo H.; Driscoll,Harry; Mammoto,Akiko; Watters,Alexander L.; Melakeberhan,Bissrat; Diaz,Alexander; Super,Michael; Ingber,Donald E.;
Multimodal Size-Based Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells via Micro-Vortex Flow. Khojah*,Reem; Di Carlo,Dino;
Quantitative Phase Microscopy for Measurement of Cancer Cell Response to Therapy. Kim*,N.H. Diane; Zangle,Thomas A.;
Cancer Metastasis Identification on Aptamer Modified Nanotextured Chips. Mansur*,Nuzhat; Hasan,M.R.; Kim,Young-Tae; Iqbal,Samir M.;
Optomechanical Characterization of Mechanical Stiffness of Colon Cancer Cells. Mehrnezhad*,Ali; Park,Kidong;
In vitro 3D Cancer Models using Magnetic Force based Co-Culture: Quantitative Semi-Automated Analysis of Cancer Cell Invasion. Shimizu*,Kazunori; Yamamoto,Shuhei; Honda,Hiroyuki;
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Spheroid as a Carrier of Protein and Nanoparticle based Chemotherapeutic Drugs for Treating Glioblastoma. Suryaprakash*,Smruthi; Lao,Yeh-Hsing; Leong,Kam W.;
Development and Optimization of a System to Selectively Inhibit Oncogenic MicroRNAs in Melanoma. Svoronos*,Alexander; Bahal,Raman; Barrera,Francisco; Cheng,Christopher; Glazer, Peter; Bosenberg,Marcus; Engelman,Donald;
An Intravascular Magnetic Wire for High-Throughput in Vivo Enrichment of Rare Circulating Cancer Biomarkers. Vermesh*,Ophir; Aalipour,Amin; Ge,Tianjia J.; Saenz,Yamil; Guo,Yue; Park,Seung-min; Mitsutake,Yoshiaki; Bachmann,Michael; Ooi,Chin Chun; Lyons,Jennifer K.; Mueller,Kerstin; Arami,Hamed; Green,Alfredo; Wang,Shan X.; Gambhir,Sanjiy S.;
Development of a Microfluidic Device for Monitoring Natural Killer Cell Infiltration into Cancer Tissue. Vu*,Timothy; Jang,Joon Hee; Qin,Lidong;
Sequence-Specific MicroRNA Detection by Induced Electroosmosis Flow Inside a Borosilicate Pore. Zhang*,Yuqian ; Esfandiari,Leyla;
Shear Induced Diffusion for Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Human Whole Blood. Zhou*,Jian; Tu,Chunlong; Liang,Yitao; Huang,Bobo; Fang,Yifeng; Liang,Xiao; Papautsky,Ian; Ye,Xuesong;

Beyond Sequencing

Spatially Mapped Gene Expression Analysis from Tissue. Ganguli*,Anurup; Damhorst,Gregory; Ghonge,Tanmay; Kosari,Farhad; Konopka,Christian; Dobrucki,Wawrzyniec; Bashir,Rashid;
Carbon Nanotube Size Tunable Enrichment Platform (CNT-STEP) for Next-Generation Sequencing Sample Preparation by Tunable and Label-Free Virus Enrichment. Yeh*,Yin-Ting; Zheng,Si-Yang; Terrones,Mauricio;


Magnetomicrofluidics for Sorting Bioparticles. Abedini-Nassab*,Roozbeh ; Joh,Daniel Y.; Chilkoti,Ashutosh; Murdoch,David M.; Yellen,Benjamin B.;
Increasing the Efficiency of Motility based Separation of Spermatozoa. Berendsen*,Johanna; Eijkel,Jan; Segerink,Loes;
Femtoliter Droplet Confinement of Pneumococcus Pairs for Single Event Transformation Assay. Brennan*,Martin D.; Morrison,Donald A.; Eddington,David;
Rapid Tweezer-Shaped Static Droplet Array for Studying Cell-Cell Communication. Hassanzadeh-Barforoushi*,Amin; Chaudhry,Kajal; Asadnia,Mohsen; Nordon,Robert; Warkiani,Majid Ebrahimi;
Non-Pneumatic Actuation of Stretchable Membranes with a Novel Microfluidic Aspirator. Huang*,Jen-Huang; Ghosh,Shuprio; Azad,Abul; Nath,Pulak;
Passive Separation of Droplets in Microfluidic Platforms . Karimi*,Armin; Lee,Austin; Di Carlo,Dino;
Pulsed-Electromagnetic-Filed-Assisted Reduced Graphene Oxide Substratas for Multidifferentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Lim*,Ki-Taek; Kim,Hye-Been; Chung,Jong Hoon;
Enchancement of Oxygen Transport for Large-Scale Cell Culture: A Permeability-Based Liver-Microsystem Design. Liu*,Jing ; Liu,Juanjuan; Ding,Weiping;
Cell Patterning and Poration using Optothermally Actuated Bubbles. Ohta*,Aaron T.; Hu,Wenqi; Fan,Qihui; Rahman,M. Arifur; Cheng,Julian;
Microfluidic Label-Free High-Field Free Flow Electrophoresis for Separating Proteins. Saar*,Kadi L.; Zhang,Yingbo; Müller,Thomas; Challa,Pavan K.; Knowles,Tuomas P.J.;
Microporous Mesh of Mesoporous Gold, an Ultrasensitive Cell-Based Electrochemical Biosensor. Sadeghian*,Ramin Banan; Ha,Jiuhui; Chen,Mingwei; Khademhosseini,Ali;
Extracelluar Matrix Hydrogels and Neurotrophic Factors Promote Three-Dimentional Neural Extension in a Microfluidic Device. Higuchi*,Takuya; Uwamori,Hiroyuki; Sudo,Ryo;
Electroconductive Nanopatterned Surfaces for Enhancing Neuronal Maturation of Neural Stem Cells. Yang*,Kisuk; Yu,Seung Jung; Im,Sung Gap; Cho,Seung-Woo;
Energy Efficient Bio-Mimic Silicon Neuron and STDP Synapse for Analog Neuromorphic VLSI. Zhang*,Jinyong; Chan,Shing-Chow; Li,Hui; Zhang,Nannan; Wang,Lei;