Poster Session Guidelines

No more printing, picking, packing, shipping, pinning, rolling, protecting, carrying, traveling with printed posters!

EMBS is moving into the future!

In an effort to move the conference into the future, continue the society’s push to reduce its use of paper and waste, and to expand on the poster presenter experience at MNM, New to MNM this year, all papers which are scheduled for a poster presentation at the conference must create an electronic poster (e-poster) which will be displayed on a digital touch screen during the scheduled session; poster boards will not be provided as printed posters will no longer be supported at MNM.

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), has contracted with MULTIEPOSTER to support and manage the e-Poster process for poster presenters and work with you in preparing your e-poster for presentation at MNM.

Why e-Posters?

✅ No more printing, rolling, carrying, traveling with, pinning up, and protecting your poster for presentation, and the cost associated.  With an e-poster, the presenter creates it electronically and uploads it directly to the presentation website for a small fee.

✅No more fear of correcting errors which require poster reprints.  With an e-poster you can make electronic corrections to the poster up to hours before your presentation.

✅ Are you tired of exerting all the time and cost associated with creating a poster, just to throw it out or leave it behind, never to be seen again? With an e-poster you can share it with colleagues and friends during and after the conference.

✅  Papers which are eligible for publication will have their e-poster included as a supplemental document to the indexed conference paper.

✅  Do you have videos or images you wish you could share that you just can’t share on a printed poster?  With an e-poster you can imbed images and/or videos into your poster and launch the video or expand the image with the touch of your finger on the digital display.

✅ No more standing in the poster hall for hours to individually talk to passers by your poster? With e-posters you will have a scheduled date for your e-poster presentation, and present your poster on a virtual screen. And if someone misses your presentation, you can share the poster from your phone, tablet, laptop, or one of our on e-poster on-demand screens available in the poster hall.

Specific instructions on the creation of your e-poster will be provided via email to the corresponding author upon poster session scheduling.