Author Policies

Welcome and Thank you for your interest in being an author for MNM 2022!

Our conference is currently accepting the following submission types:

  • Research Poster Papers – 1 Page Abstracts (not published in IEEE Xplore)

Paper Formatting & Eligibility

  • All papers must be written in English
  • All papers must be original unpublished work
  • Each paper may be written by up to 6 authors maximum.
  • One author must be designated the corresponding author for the paper.
  • Our current paper submission system will accept papers in Microsoft Word and PDF.
  • We highly recommend the usage of the provided templates to generate your paper. 1-Page Abstract Template
  • Each submission will be reviewed for compliance of margins, headers, and footers, page numbers, and other size specifications. Papers which are non-compliant may be rejected.

Corresponding Author

The corresponding author acts as the assigned manager of the paper.  Any author of the paper may be designated the corresponding author. The corresponding author is responsible for all activities related to the paper submission. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Initial submission of a compliant manuscript on or before the submission deadline
  • Making any updates or changes to the paper that may be requested or required
  • Acting as the representative to all authors associated with the paper as the lead communicator and representative for the paper
  • Ensuring the conference registration fee and submission fees are paid to support final paper upload
  • Completing the and accurate final submission of the paper on or before the final submission deadline
  • Ensuring the paper is presented at the conference during the assigned presentation time scheduled by the organizing committee
  • Adherence to the EMBS No Show Policy and processes therein

Presenting your Paper

Each paper which is a One-Page Abstract that is accepted to the conference program by the organizing committee will be assigned a poster presentation

Each Paper will be assigned a Presentation Date and Time when the paper is scheduled for presentation at the conference.

Authors are encouraged to plan attendance for the full conference schedule as all presentation dates are subject to change with or without notice.

No Show Policy

EMBS enforces a no-show policy.  Any paper which is accepted to the conference and is included in the final program must be presented at the conference.  The corresponding author is the scheduled presenter of the paper, and is required to present the paper at the scheduled presentation date and time determined by the conference organizing committee.

The author(s) of any paper which is added to the final conference program but is not presented as scheduled will be subscribed to the no-show list compiled by EMBS.

Authors who are listed to the EMBS no-show list will be included on said list for a period of no less than 2 years.  The list of no-shows will be made available to All EMBS Conference organizers, and said organizers may reject submissions from authors included on the no show list.

Where as the corresponding author is required to present the paper, should any circumstances arise where the corresponding author is unable to present the paper at the conference, the corresponding author may delegate the presentation responsibility to one of the listed co-authors of the paper to present the paper in his or her absence.

Said substitution of a corresponding author by another co-author must be documented and substantiated in advance via the EMBS Substitute/Absentee Form.  It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to submit a substitute/absentee case to the embs executive office before the scheduled date of the presentation.

Undocumented Substitutions will be considered a corresponding author “no show”.

Should a circumstance arise where none of the listed authors are able to present the paper at the conference it is the responsibility of the corresponding author to submit a substitute/absentee case to via the EMBS Substitute/Absentee Form documenting the reason for the absence.

Cases submitted to the EMBS Substitute Absentee Form where the paper is not presented by the corresponding author or a substitute co-authors will be reviewed on its merits and supporting documentation may be required.

Please click here submit a substitution/absentee case

*Submission of a substitute/absentee case does not guarantee publication or indexing of an unpresented paper.

**Each substitute/absentee case is subject to review and approval

***Review and approval of a substitute/absentee case will be completed no sooner than 30 days    after the final day of the conference schedule.

Paper Publication

**Research Poster Papers  – 1 Page Abstracts are not eligible for publication 

Registration and Submission Fees

Each author is required to register to attend the conference at a full registration rate and as an “author registration” admission items.

*Single day rates, one day passes, exhibitor, or any other specialty prices do not include and will not support paper submission.

  Early registration After Oct 9, 2022
EMBS Member $683.00 $854.00
EMBS Member (Presenting Author) $683.00 $854.00
EMBS Graduate Student Member $488.00 $610.00
EMBS Graduate Student Member (Presenting Author) $488.00 $610.00
EMBS Undergraduate Student Member $390.00 $488.00
EMBS Undergraduate Student Member (Presenting Author) $390.00 $488.00
IEEE Member $780.00 $975.00
IEEE Member (Presenting Author) $780.00 $975.00
IEEE Student Member $585.00 $732.00
IEEE Student Member (Presenting Author) $585.00 $732.00
IEEE Life Member $585.00 $732.00
IEEE Life Member (Presenting Author) $585.00 $732.00
Non Member $975.00 $1,219.00
Non Member (Presenting Author) $975.00 $1,219.00
Non Member Student $780.00 $975.00
Non Member Student (Presenting Author) $780.00 $975.00

A Full Author Registration to the conference will support up to 2 paper submissions. Where a single author registration has more than 2 papers which he or she would like to support the following submission fees apply in addition to the registration fee:

Submission Fees

1st Submission – with Registration $0.00
2nd Submission – with Registration $0.00
3rd Submission – with Registration $100.00
4th Submission – with Registration $200.00
5th Submission – with Registration $300.00
6th Submission – with Registration $400.00
7th Submission – with Registration $500.00


  • Any and all registration cancellations will incur a $50.00 cancellation fee. Fee will deducted from the refund amount.
  • Registration for general attendees is refundable when cancellation is requested on or before October 9, 2022. 
  • Registration cancellations on or after October 9, 2022 are not refundable.
  • For presenting authors, one who registers for the conference to support a paper submission, registration is non-refundable after FINAL paper submission has been completed.

Paper Submission Process

Paper Submission Process

All papers submitted to the conference will follow the following process:

Initial paper submission

  • Author or authors draft their best work for review by the organizing committee
  • Each author listed on the paper must listed as an author on the face of the paper and in the paper submission system
  • Remember to use templates for ease of submission

Paper review

  • Once the initial submission deadline has completed, the organizing committee will begin reviewing all papers.

Notification of acceptance or rejection

  • On or before the scheduled date the organizing committee will notify the corresponding author of the acceptance or rejection of the paper to the conference program
  • where the paper is accepted to the program the corresponding author is encouraged to update the paper to meet any recommendations provided by the reviewers

Final submission

  • The corresponding author of the paper must submit the final draft of the paper, on or before the published deadline
  • At least one of the paper authors must register as an “author registration” to attend the conference and have a conference registration and any applicable submission fees paid in full at a full registration price to support the paper. *Single day rates, one day passes, or any other specialty admission items do not support paper submission
  • Registration to the conference and full payment of any applicable submission fees substantiates the author(s) commitment to attend the conference and present the paper. If the corresponding author does not register to attend the conference and pay the any applicable submission session the paper will be deemed “unsupported” and will not be scheduled for presentation in conference program.
  • Corresponding authors are encouraged to complete a thorough review of the paper before final submission of the paper as this will be the final opportunity to make any changes, adjustments, or acknowledgements. Requests to updated, edit, change, or add information to the paper after final submission will not be accomodated.
  • Any author can register for the conference and pay the applicable upload fees to support the paper.
  • Only the corresponding author may upload the final paper